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Who are we?
MotionKing (China) is a leader manufacturer of automation and industrial control products in China, our products are such as Stepper motors, AC Servo Motors, HB Stepping Motors, PM Stepper Motors, Stepper Drivers, DC brushless motors, DD motors, Precision Planetary Gearboxes and much more. We are able to offer the more practical industrial automation products at the industry's competitive prices & excellent service.
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Quick Channels
HB Stepper Motor & Gear Motor
20x20mm(1.8 degree)
28x28mm(1.8 degree)
35x35mm(1.8 degree)
35x35mm(0.9 degree, Ultra)
D35mm(0.9 degree)
39x39mm(1.8 degree)
42x42mm(1.8 degree)
42x42mm(0.9 degree Ultra)
57x57mm(1.8 degree)
57x57mm(0.9 degree Ultra)
86x86mm(1.8 degree)
86x86mm(0.9 degree)
D86mm(1.8 degree)
110x110mm(1.8 degree)
HB Stepper Motors
MEZ Close Loop Stepper Systems
MEZ Hybrid Stepper Servo System consists of MEZ motors & MEZ close loop drivers.

MEZ System Induction
MEZ Motors
MEZ Drivers
MEZ Stepper Servo  
AC Servo Motors
AS40 AC Servo Motor
AS60 AC Servo Motor
AS80 AC Servo Motor
AS90 AC Servo Motor
AS100 AC Servo Motor

AS110 AC Servo Motor
AS130 AC Servo Motor
AS150 AC Servo Motor
AS180 AC Servo Motor
AC Servo Motors  
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Latest Release
MotionKing Direct Drive Motors (DD motors) MotionKing Outer-rotor brushless motors MotionKing Precision Planetary Gearboxes, Reducers
Direct drive is to directly connect the direct drive motor to the load under the control of the drive system to achieve direct drive to the load. With this construction, all mechanical transmission components (ball screw pairs, racks and gears, drive belts/pulleys, gearboxes, etc.) are eliminated, eliminating the backlash, compliance and associated with mechanical transmission. The outer rotor motor is shorter than the inner rotor motor and is a cost-effective solution that is especially suitable for large series. The permanent magnets of these motors are located on the rotor housing, which rotates around the inner stator with the windings. Due to the higher moment of inertia of the rotor, the torque fluctuation of the outer rotor motor is smaller than that of the inner rotor motor. Compared with other reducers, precision planetary reducers have high rigidity, high precision (single level can even be within 1 arc), high transmission efficiency (up to 95% in single stage), high torque/volume ratio, lifetime free Maintenance and other characteristics. Most are installed on stepper motors and servo motors to reduce speed, increase torque, and match inertia.
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Security Medical & Care Lighting 3D Printing
Robotics Telecom Textile Others

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