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  Outer Rotor Motors
The rotating part (rotor) of the motor is the outer casing of the motor, and the motor shaft end is fixed and is used to fix the motor. For example, the ceiling fan, the electric roller of the conveyor belt, etc. are all external rotor motors.

The outer rotor motor is shorter than the inner rotor motor and is a cost-effective solution that is especially suitable for large series. The permanent magnets of these motors are located on the rotor housing, which rotates around the inner stator with the windings. Due to the higher moment of inertia of the rotor, the torque fluctuation of the outer rotor motor is smaller than that of the inner rotor motor.

1. The outer rotor motor has the characteristics of space saving, compact design and beautiful appearance. Suitable for installation in impellers for optimum cooling. No V-belts, additional tensioning straps or other equipment are required.
2. The motor uses a pair of sealed deep groove ball bearings for long life. High-precision ball bearings minimize vibration and low operating noise.
3. Special squirrel cage rotor structure and one-time die-casting process to ensure smooth motor starting and high speed.
4. Use high-quality electromagnetic materials and special electromagnetic structure design to ensure efficient operation of the motor and more energy saving.
5. High-sensitivity thermal protector is installed at the winding end of the motor to ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor.
Model Pole Number Voltage
No-load Speed
Rated Speed (RPM) Rated Torque (N.m) Power
38BLOR30A-XX 4 24 18000 6000 0.03 20 0.15 30
38BLOR44A-XX 4 24 18000 6000 0.06 40 0.3 44
42BLOR35A-XX 4 36 15000 5000 0.3 52 0.6 35
59BLOR44A-XX 4 24 8000 3000 0.36 37 0.5 44
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