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Hybrid Stepper Motors
2/4 Phase
8H2A 11H2A
14H2A 14H2M
14H2K 14H2R
16H2M 16H2A
17H2M/K 17H2A
17H2E 23H2A
23H2M 23H2B
24H2A 34H2A
34H2B 34H2Y
34H2M 43H2A
Precision Linear Motor
3 Phase
17H3A 23H3A
24H3A 34H3A
5 Phase
16H5C 24H5A
MEZ Stepper Servo
MEZ Motors MEZ Drives
AC Servo Motors
AS40 AS60
AS80 AS90
AS100 AS110
AS130 AS150
DC Brushless Motors
Brushless Servo Motor
PM Stepper Motors
15PM 20PM
25PM 35PM
42PM 57PM
PM Stepper Gear Motors
35PM42Z Linear Motor
57PMZ Linear Motor
DC Gear Motors
56JBX-57ZYN Planetary
56JBX-57BLDC Planetary
Drivers & Accessories
Micro-Stepping Drivers

Hybrid Stepper Motor Catalogue
MEZ close loop stepper servo systems
AC Servo motors

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HB Stepper Motor & Gear Motor
HB Stepper Motors
2/4 Phase Stepper Motors
8H2A Mini Stepper Motors -20mm(1.8 degree) 
11H2A Stepper Motors -28mm(1.8 degree)  
14H2A Stepper Motors -35mm(1.8 degree)  
14H2M Stepper Motors -35mm(0.9 degree)  
14H2K Stepper Motors -35mm(0.9 degree)
14H2R Stepper Motors -35mm(0.9 degree)
16H2M Stepper Motors -39mm(0.9 degree)  
16H2A Stepper Motors -39mm(1.8 degree) 
17H2M/K Stepper Motors -42mm(0.9 degree)  
17H2A Stepper Motors -42mm(1.8 degree)  
17H2E Stepper Motors -42mm(3.6 degree)  
23H2M Stepper Motors -57mm(0.9 degree)  
23H2A Stepper Motors -57mm(1.8 degree)  
23H2B Stepper Motors -57mm(1.8 degree)  
24H2A Stepper Motors -60mm(1.8 degree)  
34H2A Stepper Motors -86mm(1.8 degree)  
34H2B Stepper Motors -86mm(1.8 degree)  
34H2Y Stepper Motors -86mm(1.8 degree)
34H2M Stepper Motors -86mm(0.9 degree)  
43H2A Stepper Motors -110mm(1.8 degree)  
Precision Linear Step Motors -(0.02mm/step)  

3 Phase Stepper Motors
17H3A Stepper Motors -42mm(1.2 degree)  
23H3A Stepper Motors -57mm(1.2 degree)  
24H3A Stepper Motors -60mm(1.2 degree) 
34H3A Stepper Motors -86mm(1.2 degree)
43H3A Stepper Motors -110mm(1.2 degree) 
5 Phase Stepper Motors
16H5C Stepper Motors -39mm(0.36 degree) 
24H5A Stepper Motors -60mm(0.72 degree) 
34H5A Stepper Motors -86mm(0.72 degree) 
MEZ Close Loop Stepper Systems
MEZ Stepper Servo
MEZ Stepper Servo Motors 
MEZ Stepper Servo Drives
AC Servo Motors
AC Servo Motors
AS60 AC Servo Motors 
AS80 AC Servo Motors
AS90 AC Servo Motors 
AS100 AC Servo Motors 
AS110 AC Servo Motors 
AS130 AC Servo Motors 
AS150 AC Servo Motors 
AS180 AC Servo Motors 
DC Brushless Motor
DC Brushless Motor
42BLDC Brushless DC Motor  
57BLDC Brushless DC Motor 
60BLDC Brushless DC Motor 
70BLDC Brushless DC Motor 
90BLDC Brushless DC Motor
110BLDC Brushless DC Motor
Brushless DC Servo Motor
PM Stepper Motor & Gear Motor
PM Stepper Motor & Gear Motor
15PM 20PM PM Stepper Motor 
PM Stepper Gearmotor
25PM PM Stepper Motor 
35PM PM Stepper Motor 
42PM PM Stepper Motor 
57PM PM Stepper Motor 
57PMZ PM Linear Stepper Motor 
DC Gear Motors
DC Gear Motor
80JB+76ZYT DC Gear Motor 
37ZYJ-36ZY DC Gear Motor 
TT-545 DC Gear Motor 
70JB+57ZYN DC Gear Motor 
37ZYJ-528 DC Gear Motor 
1-025-050 Gear Motor 
56JBX-57ZYN Series Planet Gear Motor 
56JBX-57BLDC Planet Gear Motor Series 
45JBX1296 Planet Gear Motor 

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