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1.Products Code For Hybrid Stepper Motor (HB Stepper Motor)
2.Products Code For Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor (PM Stepper Motor)

Note: Special Division:

  • Shaft Extensions:
    All motors can be supplied with single or double ended shaft, according to per customers' request. The Length of shaft can made as per customers' request too.
  • Number of Leads:
    All motors can be supplied with 4,5,6,or 8 leads; if requested, connector can be made on motors as per customers' request.
  • Winding Code:
    Because per customers' requests are different, we list apart of typical products for customers' selection. We can also made motors according to customerís' request.
  • Holding Torque:
    Holding torque is measured with two phases supplied at the rated current.

In conclusion, the technical specifications are typical. Customer should provide requests about shaft, leads,screws and etc. We will give you a special division.

Products Code For HB Stepper Motor

Products Code For HB Stepper Gear Motor


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